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Rockwood Cabins

SNOW preparation

10 Ways to Be Snow Ready

Snow season is November – February

  1. Pack layers and waterproof jackets, boots, etc. Don’t forget multiple pairs of warm socks and your favorite slippers.
  2. You must carry chains in your vehicle (if snow’s in the forecast) during your drive up and down the mountain – it’s the law. You may have to show your chains in your vehicle or be turned around.
  3. Add an additional one to two hours to your drive time. Expect stuck vehicles, slower speed limits and being stopped to verify you have chains. Drive carefully!
  4. Arrive during daylight hours. We highly recommend that you arrive while the sun is out – it’s warmer, you’ll have better visibility, and less ice.
  5. If you’ve never driven in snow, here’s a how-to video.
  6. For your arrival, we’ll clear snow from your driveway and create some walkways, and then we’ll leave it up to you! Shoveling is great exercise!
  7. Please back your car into the driveway, point the front of your car towards the road. Park the front wheels of your vehicle closest to the road – NOT closest to the cabin! (Why? If it snows, there’s less shoveling for your exit! Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.)
  8. If you’d like to order snow removal services for your departure, let us know a day before and we’ll connect you with a local snow removal expert. The cost to have snow moved typically costs between $50-$100, and is cash only. We will do our best to help accommodate you, but please let us know in advance.
  9. We provide snow shovels for you. And we provide buckets of sidewalk salt near each door.
  10. We have sleds for you to borrow, but we don’t provide helmets. Use our sleds at your own risk!







Meet Maya

Meet Maya

Cabin Manager

Maya’s been caring for Rockwood Cabins since 2019. She leads a team of four cabin keepers and a property engineer. She’s happy to help make your stay the best it can be. Please reach out to her if you need anything.

Who's Rocky?

Who's Rocky?

Our Mascot

Keep a look out for Rocky, our mascot and neighborhood bear. He sometimes visits at night. However, once he visited at 4:30PM and knocked over our trash cans looking for food. Do not approach him, bother him, or feed him. Rocky is an important member of our widlife community. We <3 Rocky!