Ways I Help

I’m available for one to one coaching, workshops, keynotes or training for your team.

More ways I’d love to help:

  • Coaching
  • Cheer leading
  • Tough-love critiquing
  • DIY instruction
  • Shoulder to cry on
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Workshops
  • Group Trainings

It may seem silly to see that I offer a “shoulder to cry on” or “cheer leading”, but I’m serious (and only sometimes silly).  What I’ve learned from years of working with passionate business owners, is that they put their heart and soul into their business. Most of the time, they are tired from working very hard, long hours, taking on more than maybe they should, and most of the time, they are feeling like they’re spread too thin. Passionate business owners need support and help, and sometimes the help they need means letting go and allowing someone to help.

One client of mine was very upset one day, she called me sobbing and frustrated.  She was overwhelmed with chopping salads for herself and her husband. She felt couldn’t afford to by the pre-washed and cut salads-in-a-bag.  Let me tell you, she is good at what she does, and her clients are lucky to work with her…but she was not making enough money to have the “luxury” of buying ready to serve salad.  On top of this, she was frustrated that she couldn’t afford the time, since she had a toddler at home, or the money to take hot yoga classes…which was something she loved and looked forward to doing.

We talked for two hours, I listened mostly, and it was very clear to me what she needed to do next.  When I gave her my suggestion, at first didn’t like it and explained reasons and excuses why my suggestion wouldn’t work.  A month later she called back, and this time her tears were joyful.  She was excited to tell me that she took the leap and tried my suggestion, which helped her shift her lifestyle just enough so that she could get time back and be able to attend hot yoga classes with her unlimited monthly pass.  She still thanks me every time we see each other.  To me, what I saw was obvious, and it felt like a small suggestion, but to her it was a life-changing conversation.

We need to surround ourselves with people that believe in us, who understand what we are trying to do, and who know what obstacles we’re facing.  Coaching, cheer leading and providing a shoulder to cry on are the most-fulfilling, most favorite, and most rewarding activities that I experience with my clients.  I am honored to be seen as a trusted ally and to have the opportunity to build intimate relationships with my clients.  Business dreams go much deeper than “just business”.  Your business dreams are part of the fabric of who you are, what you want to be and what you want to give the world.  You deserve to have a trusted support system, who is available, who knows what your pain points are, and who empathize and help you take the next best step for your business.  I’m happy to be one of those people for you, if you’re open to it.  I’m here.

I’m happy to offer you a 30 minute complimentary consultation.  If you’d like to take me up on it, all you need to do next is fill out this form.